Every quarter, the editors from the Trends portfolio look to compile special collections of reviews on interesting and timely topics. We are pleased to inform you know that our paper “Rational Design of Mouse Models for Cancer Research” has been selected from Trends in Biotechnology to be a part of the most recent special collection on personalized medicine!

“The laboratory mouse is widely considered as a valid and affordable model organism to study human disease. Attempts to improve the relevance of murine models for the investigation of human pathologies led to the development of various genetically engineered, xenograft and humanized mouse models. Nevertheless, most preclinical studies in mice suffer from insufficient predictive value when compared with cancer biology and therapy response of human patients. We propose an innovative strategy to improve the predictive power of preclinical cancer models. Combining (i) genomic, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches for rational design of mouse models with (ii) rapid prototyping and computational benchmarking against human clinical data will enable fast and nonbiased validation of newly generated models.”

The special collection featuring the paper is now online and accessed using the link.

Marietta Landgraf et al. 2017