3D Bioprinting

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Our researchers have built a revolutionary new 3D bioprinter that is set to change the future of medical devices and implants.
Bioprinted scaffolding for tiny implantsBioprinted scaffolding for tiny implants

We discover. We innovate.
 We translate.

Electromelt-spinning revolutionises design and fabrication of medical devices and implants

We discover. We innovate.
 We translate.

Melt electrospinning writing (MEW) of fibres down to sub-micro to nano scale push the boundaries of design and manufacture of medical devices and implants.

We discover. We innovate.
 We translate.

We work on systematic development of biomaterials that can be used for additive biomanufacturing (ABM)

We‘re collaborating for the future

The ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing (ABM) is bringing together leading researchers, industry partners and end-users to develop the next generation of ABM technologies and train future leaders.



Thursday, September 16th, 2021 at 4:39am
German-Australian Science and Innovation Day will take place on October 6. During the event, DProf Dietmar W Hutmacher will share an exciting news about a new research centre.
For registration and details;
Thursday, June 17th, 2021 at 11:05pm
#3Dprinters that can see and learn to advance manufacture of precision body #implants. Our new article is available online https://t.co/bAqqk8TtPC

@QUT @qut_ihbi @arc_gov_au
Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 at 9:14pm
“Convergence of #AdditiveManufacturing and Scaffold-Guided #TissueEngineering” presented at the 4th International Forum on Additive Manufacturing, @RMIT, 2020, by Distinguished Prof Dietmar W Hutmacher. The presentation can be viewed in the link.

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 at 9:58pm
The program is now available. Please visit https://t.co/X3xClQW3VS for further information. https://t.co/t18EmIYEIa https://t.co/lUYtUjAvif
biomanufacturing @ARC_ABM
You are invited to the 4th International Forum on #AdditiveManufacturing organised by RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing (Prof. M. Brant, @RMIT and @ARC_ABM ). 9 September 2020 , Melbourne, Australia (VIRTUAL)

https://t.co/ow1ydlgVWY https://t.co/CMkVmO8XEc